I took the
#SpeakLessSayMore Challenge!
Speak nothing. Say everything!
3 questions, 3 friends, 1 minute!
Now it's your turn!

Aman Motwane

What is "this" … ?

"This" is the Speak Less Say More Challenge

It's about becoming a strong communicator.

You may have noticed that those who excel in life speak a lot less and yet, they say a lot more. They …

Speak Less, Say More make every word count make every moment count make a huge impact are memorable cut quickly to the core

They often speak nothing — just a nod … a shake of the head … a frown … a raised eyebrow … a simple gesture … or a twinkle in their eye. And yet, they say everything!

This is your chance to practice this yourself in a fun, fast, easy way.

Why is "this" so darn important?

Why is "this" so darn important?

Your success with everything in life hinges on your ability to get more from less.

Think about it. Everyone gets only 24 hours a day. No one gets more. So, what separates those who are successful from those who are not is this ability to get more from the same limited time.

It doesn't matter how hard you work.
It doesn't matter how smart you are.
It doesn't matter how much you learn.

All your efforts … smarts … knowledge … experience … money will be wasted unless you are really good at making a little go a very long way.

Most people won't understand how important this is to their success until it's too late.

If you do understand how important this is, it is time you become really good at it.

Start here

In nature, success and survival depend on making less do more. For example, one teeny seed blossoms into a bounty of fruits.

In the same way, you must do or say everything in a way that it blossoms into a bounty of fruits in your life.

Many Benefits

How does "this" lead to huge changes
across your whole life?

Once speaking less and saying more becomes a way of life for you, you'll never be the same. With just this one simple change, you'll find yourself making huge strides with …

Leadership Connections Communications Relationships Creativity Listening Parenting Influence Negotiating Friendships Teamwork Selling Marketing Branding Mission Statements Meetings Presentations Time Management Happiness Positive Motivation Self-Confidence Recruiting Interviewing

Learn how this happens here.

Yet, only 1 in a 100 will have the courage to take the Challenge. The others will hesitate. And they'll continue to waste their efforts, smarts and knowledge — just as they always have.

If you are hesitating, think of it this way: If this quick and easy Challenge doesn't work for you, what have you lost?

BUT … what if it does?

Gamble about a minute without gambling even a penny

The #SpeakLessSayMore Challenge

As easy as 1 2 3
6 reasons




Make faces on a video

speaking nothing yet saying everything:

Speed Performance

WHATdo you think

of people who speak on and on when they have nothing important to say?

Speed Performance

HOW MANYtimes have you

resolved to make a change but, in no time flat, you were back to your old ways again?

Speed Performance

HOW MANYtimes have you

said to yourself: "If I only knew then what I know now"?

In your video,
read these questions aloud yourself
OR, have a friend read them to you
OR, use the Title Cards in this link:

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Who started this?

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